• Walking to the northeast through Folks Park.

    Welcome to our Community

    This is our neighborhood. Your typical south Georgia community. Or so we thought....

  • Play area for the kids.

    Our Kids Playground

    Section of the park with playground equipment which the drainage canal runs alongside.

  • Pathways throughout the park.

    Walk ways through our park.

    One of many pathways through the park.

  • Drainage canal running from the southwest to the northeast of our park.

    Drainage Canal Flowing Through Our Community

    Canal from the southwest to the northeast of our community.

  • Chemical tanks two blocks from our community.

    Chemical Tanks Two Blocks From Our Community

    Superfund Site Seven Out


A silent enemy has invaded our community TOXIC WASTE!

Explore our site and learn about the silent enemy that has become a huge DISASTER!

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Our Community Problem

Several members of our community have developed various forms of health issues. People are developing tumors, diagnosed with cancer, developed memory loss, liver or kidney failure, heart attacks or heart problems, neurological problems and several more that have been unsolved. We have begun research into what is causing this problems among us and the results are startling. A silent enemy has invaded our community TOXIC WASTE!

Our Story

We have many needs. Our priority and immediate needs right now are additional soil and water testing to more accurately pinpoint the source. Next we will need air sampling done. Of urgent consideration is relocating people with the worst case illnesses. Many in our community have no place to go, insurance coverage nor adequate funds to leave their home. They are just left hanging on.

Ways You Can Help

Our objectives are to have additional soil, water and air testing done. These additional intensive tests costs $5,394.00. We cannot continue to wait on this testing.

We have obtained records from the City of Waycross on the Superfund Site. The fee was $85.00. To obtain more detailed documentation from the EPA costs $2700.00 for their records. With these records health physicians and scientists can determine what toxins have invaded the area and may be threatening the community members lives. With these records the best possible treatment can be determined to SAVE lives.