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About Us

A little about who we are…

We are a small neighborhood community located in Waycross, GA. Everything was going fine until one day we began to notice that people within our neighborhood were being diagnosed with weird conditions. Some were told they had some an unknown form of cancer, another discovers tumors within their body’s organs and/or muscles, while other people developed respiratory, cardiac, muscular problems, problems with their feet, overall pains and many numerous other symptoms.

None of us could figure out what was going on. Some tried changing diet thinking about allergies, non-GMO food, pesticide residues etc, etc. Local doctors could not come up with answers for the cause and just treated the symptoms. Some even thought that a large part of it was “just in our head” and wanted to put us on “Happy Pills”.

Then with the help with a couple of sharp scientists and a good doctor who is open to ALL possibilities we started making headway. Our environment was the main commonality and they had us begin to do research on our local industries and pull EPA reports.  One thing that stood out was a “superfund site” just blocks away.  BUT NONE of the local residence knew we had a SUPERFUND SITE NEAR!   About  the same time we began to notice things. Things like odors, what appeared to be films of oily substances appearing on top of the water after a rain, uncommon residues in our homes and what was going down the drainage canal in our neighborhood.

We looked into the Seven Out Superfund Site and discovered just two blocks away what appeared to be the same oily substances we had at our creek. The waste water treatment tank farm, which was not permitted for waste water, had been shut off by the city due to violations of discharging contaminated industrial wastes. The facility shut down and came under recognition of the State of Georgia EPD and US EPA. The tanks were eventually “drained” and sealed, but we still have a lot of questions like why do they have the same chemicals there that we have in our creek and park.

Film of chemical residue on water.

This is Liriope bed at one of our homes. Observe the film on the water as it drains out onto the sidewalk.

Film of chemicals on water coming out of crack in sidewalk.

This photo was taken a couple of hours after an afternoon rain shower. Can you see the the chemical residue floating on the water.

Chemical film in the vegatation along the drainage canal.

This is a shot along the edge of the drainage canal that runs through out neighborhood. Can you see the chemical film on the water.










That is what brings us together here today. We have no funds to fight this “Silent Disaster” that is taking place. We do not have alternative options for places to live and most of us can not afford two mortgages. Many of our residences are elderly or single parents. We have built our lives HERE in THIS neighborhood. OUR Neighborhood. Many of us have raised our children here and now they are raising their families here.  We have got to put an end to this toxic invasion.

We have named our cause “Silent Disaster” for a reason – it is a silent invader , with symptoms that creep up on the residence but the ROOT problem going undetected by doctors; it is a silent invader who was discreetly hidden by local, state, or federal governments with little concern for the health of residence;   and lastly it has created a disaster to our lives, our families, our HOMES!


Chemical tanks two blocks from our community.

Chemical tanks two blocks from our community.

Industrial waste water treatment facility

The tank farm that brought in the “toxic” industrial waste to our neighborhood.



Also to learn more about us and what we are going through please continue to:  “This is My Story, This is My Life”.