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South Georgia Health Issues


A group of us are interested in researching the causes of the escalating health issues in our communities around Waycross/South Georgia to determine if they are from environmental elements.

Below is a preliminary survey that you can fill out and submit if you believe you are either affected by a sickness or willing to assist in finding the cause of our escalating health issues. The survey is quite long and many fields require an answer. Please take time to answer all questions so that not only you but all affected can uncover the reasons for our uncommon illnesses. Survey questionaire:

If you prefer you may also request a copy of the preliminary survey by contacting:

Joan Tibor McNeal 912.281.6897 or emailing:

Health issues could be as simple as ADHD and Allergies or more complex such as Cancer, Autism, or Lupus. Environmental issues could be something in our water, air, or food. Environmental issues could be generated from industries locally or somewhere else and ended up in our water supplies or our canal system.

Anthony Samsel, Scientist and Consultant, along with Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT, are willing to assist in this research effort. I contacted them after becoming sick and reading their research papers. I believe we may have multiple factors that are contributing to our escalating sicknesses and as Stephanie said, creating the “PERFECT STORM”.

Finding the “Root” cause or causes of the escalation in our health problems will help us get healthier faster and prevent further problems. Anthony has assisted other communities like ours in finding their “Root” causes. But without your help, we cannot find these answers and get better. There will be a continuation of illnesses if these “Root” causes are environmental!

Please let us know your level of willingness to assist in solving our. Additionally, please feel free to pass this information on to others who may be affected and/or would like to participate. Working together for a healthier community!

Thank you,
Joan Tibor McNeal
912.281.6897Or send email to:  Place in Subject line:  Survey Questionnaire

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