Seven Out Site Being Dismantled

Removal of Seven Out Tank Farm  received several messages Thursday and Friday regarding activity at Seven Out Superfund Site.  Some people are justifiably concerned they may be moving contamination to non-certified locations. At first thought, it we assumed it was the EPA. An email was sent to Matthew Huyser (EPA Coordinator) for verification. His […]

Seven Out Tank Site EPA Polution Report

POLLUTION REPORT Seven Out Tank Site: UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Region IV The much anticipated report from the EPA has been submitted and received by members. On September 5, 2013 an EPA represenative performed a visual inspection of the site and surrounding area. Quoted from EPA POLREP: EPA OSC Huyser visited the Site […]

EPA has DENIED Speedy Access to Records!

A response has been received regarding FOIA Request: EPA-R4-2013-00831. This was a Freedom of Information Act request so that we could obtain ALL records regarding the Seven Out Superfund Site. The requested information could help in determining what chemicals have entered our community and has invaded our bodies. “August 9, 2013 UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION […]