• Monitoring Well

    Monitoring Well

    Contaminant monitoring well located on city right-of-way at Hamilton Street in Waycross.

  • Drainage pipes from underneath parking lot

    Drainage pipes underneath parking lot

    Community members believe contaminates are flowing from these drainage pipes on Holiday Street in Waycross.

  • drainage pipes

    Another view of drainage pipes.

  • ditch dug out

    Drainage canal recently dug out.

    Canal is located at 1700 block of Holiday St. dug out with HAZMAT team.

  • CSX and City of Waycross moving possibly contaminated soil

    City of Waycross Hauling Dirt

    City of Waycross employees picking up dirt from recently excavated canal off Holiday St. Dirt was taken to A. W. Woodard Property on Memorial Drive.

Groundwater Contaminants at CSXT Rice Yard

SilentDisaster.org members have constantly been uncovering causes for the groundwater, soil and air contamination in Waycross and Ware County. Among the hidden stacks of papers they have discovered various documents pertaining to CSX Rice Yard.

Three locations within Rice Yard have been identified as hazardous wastes areas generated by the current and past operations. These areas are where land disposal or spills of solid or hazardous materials had occurred. These areas have been identified to have occurred after 1980 and are still considered contamination zones.

After closing these areas, CSX established a “self-monitoring” system with the EPD and EPA and was issued a Hazardous Waste Facility Permit No. HW-049(D). Numerous water wells was installed for continued ground water monitoring and an air stripper is utilized to remove the contaminates from the groundwater removed.

On the following pages are the numerous documents SilentDisaster.org members have discovered and now making public to our community to show the magnitude of this contamination. There are many, many documents which are lengthy and include volumes of tables and tests results. Also included are maps of the area showing the locations of the monitoring wells and the spread of the contaminated area. Study these documents closely and you will see the encroachment into different residential areas.

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