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  1. I moved to Brunswick, Ga. in 1994 & relocated to Waycross in 1996 where I existed for the next 17 yrs. We lived less than 100 yards from the recycling co. on Garlington. Everyone on our street was/is sick with various diseases. I called the EPA several times about the recycling plant as I could dust in my house & within an hour, a black film would again cover everything. The trees there even have this black substance on the leaves. The recyclers have a contract with the RR to scrap out old boxcars. Many come into the yard with remnants of toxic chemicals in them. Their answer to cleaning these cars before cutting them up was to close the doors of the boxcar & put a regular hose in the car. As it filled up, the overflow would run out & drain off into the dirt until it made a stream. More than once the cars had chemicals which caused the entire neighborhood to become so smoky you could not see more than a few feet ahead. The EPA must be on the “take” as they did make ! trip from Brunswick to check the place out. They told us that as long as the company put water on the large piles of debris as they were cutting/moving them around, they were in compliance. Since he did not see the smoke & other illegal instances, he could not make any assessment. If you are waiting for the Govt to fix anything, you will all be dead first. Look at Brunswick, those companies just closed up shop & reopened elsewhere under different names with no punishment whatsoever. My health is not good at all & I have been gone for 3 yrs. I’d be dead if I had stayed. I lived next door to my parents, both died from bacterial infections after going to the hospital for outpatient problems.

  2. I am 22 years old. Since moving to Waycross I have had AGP, skin rashes since moving to Waycross in 2008. There are good people here and I have seen my family and many in the community sick. omething needs to be done! WE MATTER! Please stop this madness and hold these companies accountable for slowly killing us! PLEASE!

  3. Our home and community should be a safe place to live. It is not. My whole family has experienced health problems since moving here in 2008. Now we know why. We want answers and results. I do not want to die young from a advoidable cancer due to big business thinking they can poison our community. Please put yourselves in our shoes. What if it was YOUR family?

  4. I am now in my 40’s and have been suffering from migraines since I was 12 years old. I lived in Ware Terrace near the airport for 17 years and knew of more than 10 people in that neighborhood that had cancer; breast, ovarian, brain, etc… when my family moved away over 12 years ago. Within a month of moving from that neighborhood my mother was diagnosed with gleoblastoma, cancer that originated on the brain. Her neurologist in Savannah documented that it was environmental and gave her six months to live. She had three tumors on the brain that could not be removed without leaving her in a vegetative state; my mother passed away within a year of being diagnosed. Before we knew that my mother had brain tumors she experienced migraines that were more painful and more frequent than those she had suffered from in the past.
    My migraines have become more frequent and painful than they have ever been and often make it difficult to be able to work and go take on necessary daily task. After my mother was diagnosed with brain tumors her neurologist suggested that I have an MRI once a year as a precautionary measure; as you are probably aware MRI’s are not cheap and I am just not able to afford having them so often. I have to take Relpax, a migraine medication 3-5 times a week in order to keep my headaches under control; without Relpax I would not be able to live a normal life.
    In the back of our old neighborhood there was a wooded area that had a canal running through it that I played in and around as a child many times over the years. I am not sure if that canal is connected to the one that runs through the down town area but think it is worth looking into if it has not been already.
    My HEART goes out to the families that have children diagnosed with cancer or already lost a child as many Ware County families have. I hope and pray that the leadership of Waycross will find out what the cause is and eliminate the possibility of any more families experiencing a loss that is just unimaginable.

  5. i and my family were exposed to this mess” for over 35 years! now is the time for you ALL to get off your hind haunches and quit protecting each, and get something resolved!”

  6. This is ridiculous and sad. Several staff members of memorial drive have gotten cancer throughout the years, and a student had leukemia now. Things are starting to make sense, and it’s scary!!

  7. My mother had breast cancer and my grandmother has acute onset of asthma and lung scaring, I have asthma and allergies and also had my son prematurely with no symtoms or reason and a very healthy pregnancy

  8. You are expecting those responsible for this site to tell you the truth and that will never happen. The EPA/EPD will suck every dime out of you when what you really need to spend money on is independent testing. Find an accredited lab outside of GA if you want to know the truth.
    The EPA/EPD has tricks to fool the tests; like taking samples after a fresh rain or a flood because it dilutes the concentration of the toxins. I made extensive research into these matters when I discovered problems in Brantley County. If you find an advocacy group that wants to help you check their donor list because usually the EPA/EPD, water coalitions and others donate to these programs such as Sierra Club, ECO-Action, ect…
    Your money will be better spent if you pay for outside independent tests. You also can go to EPA/EPD offices and make your own copies that will save you money.
    Remember these agencies make a lot of money from fines from these companies and it will cost these agencies a lot of bucks if they are caught. No superfund site should be in this condition. The EPD are responsible for regulating toxic waste!
    Don’t forget everything that is draining into this creek from upstream it all contributes to the problem and eventually flows into the Satilla River. Rural counties get 40% of drinking water from the river and everything upstream from Waycross is contributing to the toxicity of your water.
    You might also bombard Fox News with phone calls because John Stossel had a special report on drinking water and said everyone should stop with bottle water and drink tap water because it just as safe. Boy, was he wrong! Keep fighting and don’t give up but don’t quickly trust those that say they care.

  9. I’m a father to five children who frequently played at Mary Street Park; I’ve also began experiencing neurological problems shortly after we moved to the area.

  10. I married my husband 12 years ago and moved to Blackshear.Since that move, I have never been so sick in all my life! I began to have migraines, intestinal problems, gastic problems, loose stools, constantly. The list goes on and on. Are these problems being found in Blackshear as well as Waycross? My son was also having migraines when he was living with me, but when he chose to move in with his daddy, the migraines have practically stopped. This makes me think there’s something to it.

  11. I married my husband and moved to Blackshear 12 years ago. Since moving here I have never been so sick in all my life. It’s been one illness after another. It seems one thing afteraano another

  12. Hello! I am a born and raised Waycross GA songwriter. I am a lover of this community and have written songs about it. One of the songs I wrote previously to hearing about this disaster is titled ‘Something In The Water’. The subject matter when I wrote it was about how there’s something in the water around here that gets in your soul, but I think it has taken on a new meaning now. If you think it would work for you in anyway to help the cause you are more than welcome to use it. I thought maybe music for a slide show or video about the disaster or I would be willing to play it live at any meeting or what have you. I still have the tracks in the studio and can even re-write / re-word the song to fit the cause better. I would want nothing in return. Just love our community and want to help anyway I can. I’m attaching a linc to my fb music page where you can here the song.
    Thanks for taking a stand!
    -Sean Clark

  13. Please do something hear in South Ga my daughter is one affected. She has been battling cancer since 2009. We have 8 children hear in Brantley County Ga with cancer we need to find answers

  14. Water analysis for Brantley county High School and Middle School; GAEPD Laboratory Reports, 2002, MS: 4-bromofluorobenzene 4.3 maximum contaminate level(MCL) 3.5 to 6;5, 1-2 dichlorobenzene 4.3, MCL 3.5 to 6.5, chloroform 3.3 MCL?, bromodichloromethane 4.6 MCL?, chlorodibromomethane 4.6 MCL?, bromoform0.59 MCL?.
    High School: 4-bromomoflurobenzene 4.3, 1,2-dichlorobenzene 4.4,chloroform 4.9, bromodichlormethane 6.5, bromoform 0.78. Waynesville elementary 2004; 4- bromoflurobenzene 4.5. 1,2-dichlorobenzene 4.7, chloroform 0.59, bromodichloromethane0.57, chlorodibromomethane1.8, bromoform 5.4. This analysis is as far as I got. EPD and BOE uncoopertative. These chemicals are classified as carcinogens or either suspected carcinogens.
    Waynesville Elementatry’s wastewater site was built on top of shallow groundwater and the amount of drainage fields had been cut in half by Dr. William Hunter. EPD said as long as there was no more than 500 people in the school the EPD wasn’t responsible. I made them all mad but couldn’t find one citizen willing to battle Brantley county.
    Save Our Satilla, Altamaha Riverkeeper, Center for a Sustainable Coast, Sierra Club and Gloria Taylor made a settlement agreement that include payments of $35,000 dollars a year starting in 2003, to fund Brantley’s riverkeeper program from TE Consolidated (mining company). SOS was involved in the flyash controversy in Waycross.
    My subdivision is Whispering Pines off Central Ware County commissioners paid back the one million dollars
    to NAMCO, if not they are deceiving you because that was all that was accomplished in that suit. You only won if they paid that money back.
    These are the kind of people you are dealing with.

  15. I grew up in Waycross just down from this site. I lost both of my parents in 1999 just over a month a part, both from cancer. I also lost an Aunt who lived one street over to cancer. Me and my sisters played in the canal next to our house all the time. I also have an older sister that has had colon cancer and so I am wondering if all the cancer in my family is related to living in this area. I am shocked and outraged to find out about this and pray that this situation is resolved.

  16. I taught at Ruskin Elementary for several years. While there, I had one miscarriage and during my second pregnancy I had multiple health problems resulting in me being put on bedrest. My son was born early with asthma and was put in the hospital for several days when 10 months old with breathing trouble.

  17. To watch their loved ones suffer from toxic chemical exposure and the diseases that come from it. In the US this is uncalled for. Are we no better that Syria that allows their people to be poisoned??

  18. If you live here, I’d advise packing up what you can take and leaving everything else behind. If you are employable, it’d be much smarter to start from scratch somewhere else, especially if you have kids. If you go to a bigger city, they have programs that can help you get restarted. I’d rather start over with nothing than have my kids lose their lives or be sick. This is absolutely awful. Leave now….materialistic things can be replaced, your health cannot. I am praying for you guys.

  19. After reading the documents and statements given by the EPA, I am appalled this has gone this long with little/ no attention. When I moved to this area in 2000 I was shocked to learn of the number of RARE cancer cases in this area. The EPD/EPA must do what it takes to test for toxic chemicals in this area and who ever is responsible should pay for it. Ignoring this issue is negligent!

  20. I don’t live in the area, but I have family that does. There are as many as six sites on the state’s hazardous inventory in Ware County. The Georgia ENvironmental website shows them. Atlanta Gas and Light coal gasification is just one. So many types of hazardous and toxic wastes generated in that process. Who knows where it was all dumped. Recently I read a research report done by an Atlanta university about ten years back that talked about how wastes were dumped in the river back then. They don’t just go away, they flow to other areas and seep into soil and groundwater. Organic chemicals that studies show can cause teratogenic effects in offspring. Meaning, if you played in the river as a kid there is a possibility your children could be affected. Too many sites in that small area and too much cancer, especially in children… It’s just hard to believe there is no contamination problem and the cancers are “coincidence”. Have you considered contacting one of the environmental justice organizations that might help? The Center for Health, Environment and Justice has a website. I understand they can help small communities with these issues. Also, the GA website shows that the Satilla River is impaired but I didn’t see what the contamination is. Good luck to you all. Those affected are in my prayers.


    HEADACHE IN FOREHEAD AND AT BASE OF NECK; feeling of stiff neck

    CANCER; any kind including skin

  22. I lived in Waycross the past 11 yrs and moved away recently. The residue in the water was so obvious to me that drank bottled water. The whole time I lived there I was alarmed at how many people in such a small town had cancer and other strange ailments. Thank God I’m no longer living there but my heart goes out to the many friends still there.

  23. January 17 I worked on my job in the industrial which I have worked at for 35 years, on January 18 I could not walk my legs were like rubber would not hold me up and my hands were numb, the doctors had no id t wrong with me in CCU for 8 days I became totally pararalized. first d I had a very aggressive rare cancer then “Gullian Barre’ Syndrome” very rare only 1 or 2 in 100,000 people get this, well since January there has been 3 cases of this….the doctor that finally diagnosed me said he has been docng for 25 years never saw a patient with this disorder but heard a lecture on it, that is how rare it is, this is one of Waycross’ finest doctors, this may be connected….I am healthy rarely even a cold and now this am in my 7th month and can walk but my feet are still very painful on lots of medication.It seems odd to me that all of a sudden I got this and 2 others. This needs FULL investigation.

  24. I have searching the internet concerning the water issues near the ruskin school my family lives very close to the school and have alot of water problems. They are having the water tested but Im not sure if they have tested for what they need to in order to discover it may or maynot have been contaiminated. I have emailed Erin Brochovich’s office and gave them the information that I have research and found concerning the Seven out Company. Idont think I have enough evidence. But so many articles lead back to this company and the waste leakage. Do you know the railroad had a box car leaking chemical in Waycross and an employee sued and won due to chemical exposure. ok where did the chemical go but into the ground. Also at the railroad they use to have a pit the cars were put into to wash out the box cars where did all the chemicals go? Also when Georgia pacific paper compnay left industrial park was everything emptied out of the slush containers. Becasue that site was always wet with water leaking after they left. I know for a fact. I developed cancer in 2007 and know of several cases that have also been assocaited with the ruskin area.

    • Good for you! One thing i am deeply concerned about is the highly concentrated chemicals they took out of this waste water. we have not found a record yet that indicates how they disposed of them. Scientist believe they could have buried them somewhere or put them into a shallow well and they could be circulating under homes and businesses. i will be happy to share information with you on what we have so fare. please consider coming to City Hall tonight at 7PM and voice your concerns. we can not let this rest until the area and all contamination is cleaned up.

  25. Reports indicate that all remediation efforts were completed, and all hazardous materials removed. Well, then what are these tanks still doing there. The report referenced here from Tetra Tech indicates that contamination was likely due to surface pathways rather than groundwater contamination. If that’s the case, and there are still tanks on site with any effluent left in it, then any major rain event could result in contamination. Yes???

    • Don, great point! if this was cleaned up then WHY did the DRAINAGE DITCH AT THE SITE HAVE CONTAMINATION ON 6/1/2013. and you are right this contamination WILL move with rain!

  26. My father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. He is in remission but he has also had prostate cancer. None of which his parents or anyone in his family has had.

    • Nicole, i am sorry to hear about your dad’s cancer but very glad it is in remission. the really bad thing about these chemicals are that we don’t yet know all of them yet & some that we do know about mutate the cells and therefore can cause multiple kinds of cancer. there are doctors that specialize in stopping and reversing the mutation. The practice of this kind of medicine is called occupational and enviroment medicine. please consider coming to City Hall tonight at 7PM and voice your concerns. we can not let this rest until the area and all contamination is cleaned up.

  27. I am incensed that this laundry list of poisons, which the Seven Out Superfund Site continues to dump is right under out feet in the very ground on which we live and our children play. While this site maintains business as usual, disposing these toxic contaminants in our neighborhood, we, who live in the area have no choice but to use the fouled aquifer. Stop this! We are not inconsequential!

  28. While I live in Blackshear now… very near the Satilla River…I was born and raised in Waycross. I have suffered chronic pain for many years. Fortunately, I discovered the source of my pain a few years ago. Dr. Jimmy Diaz in Kingsland discovered I had mercury poisoning as well as lead, cadmium, etc. I went thru 100s of hours of chelation therapy (covered by my insurance) to get rid of these toxins. Now I know where the toxins came from! I recently went on a gluten-free diet, eat organic as much as possible, and I drink only filtered water…no tap water! Finally I am beginning to feel human again. I am behind all your efforts to clean up our community. I will do ll I can to help!

    • Ann, when did you first remember having symptoms? and did you live in Blackshear or Waycross then? Also what kind of doctor is Dr. Diaz? Can you share his office number for others?

  29. Perhaps those that somehow were/are benefitting from the travesty itself and from keeping it from the community should make an anonymous donation to begin to right their wrongs. Begin I say…
    Where is the community leadership here?
    Where are the politicians now?
    This is beyond outrage. This is deliberate ignorance and harm by a few suffering the many.

    • Amen! Amen! The ONLY political leader so far to help has been Chad Nimmer AND he represents Blackshear. We have repeatedly asked Jack Kingston’s office for help and nothing SO far. We need all the EPA reports WITHOUT having to pay for them AND we need the EPA to reopen this case! Like you said, where are the community leaders and politicians?

  30. How did this happen?
    How does a Superfund site go unnoticed by it’s community???
    Much respect to Jack Williams and the Waycross Journal Herald for some real journalism! Too bad the city officials don’t share the same sense of community commitment and leadership. Who’s watching the watchers? This is just the tip of the gator’s tail I sense. This is what we know…just think of all the other unknowns. There is a lot of abandoned, industrial and industrial-like areas in Waycross. I shudder to think what’s going on with the railroad…
    Follow the money…
    Let’s be pro-active and assure our city, county, and community that Waycross will not go the way of the Ogeechee and other chemically-troubled areas.
    We all live downstream.
    “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Literally.

  31. This is not the only community these companies have ruined.They are playing a shell game from state to state while innocent and unaware citizens die.Something must be done NOW.To all concerned officials: if there is no threat, then bring yor husbands,wives and children to the park in Waycross for a meeting with the local residents.

  32. i have had family members die with cancer in this area, and have 2 sisters now that r under going treatment for cancer…when will enough deaths be enough for u to do something about this situation..

  33. This needs immediate attention and testing should be done asap. I recommend the use of fundraisers to raise funds for testing t be done asap. Myself and others would be willing to volunteer raise these testing funds.

  34. I have had two loved ones pass away in the last two years from tumors. There have also been numerous children diagnosed with brain tumors in this area. Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done immediately!!

  35. our town is killing us. don’t turn your heads away from this problem. we aren’t just numbers in your survey. we are people. do you need proof of how deeply our community is affected? let me introduce myself. my name is caroline d sanford. i have lost both parents to rare agresssive cancers. i now reside in their old home. cherokee heights is a hot spot and i am afraid of getting cancer too.

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