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State Representatives to Meet With Waycross Citizens on Contamination Issues

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: August 23, 2013 TOXIC CHEMICALS FOUND, FROM SUPERFUND? – Citizens of the Carswell Community and greater Waycross, Ware County area are encouraged to attend a meeting with State Representatives regarding the TOXIC chemicals found in our community, the dangers left from the Seven Out Superfund Site, and our attempts to achieve testing and permanent cleanup. Representatives who have pledged attendance include Ellis Black and Jason Spencer; others and press are welcome. The meeting will be held at KD’s Café 504 Elizabeth St., Waycross, Georgia, on Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 5:30 PM. For more information call Joan McNeal 912.281.6897.


Once again Jack Williams III of the Waycross Journal-Herald is on top of the story publishing an editorial in the Wednesday August 13, 2013 edition.

Read the full editorial:

Thanks again Jack.


The Waycross Journal-Herald is who first reported on our findings in their July 13, 2013 edition.

Read the full article:


EPA has DENIED Speedy Access to Records!

A response has been received regarding FOIA Request: EPA-R4-2013-00831. This was a Freedom of Information Act request so that we could obtain ALL records regarding the Seven Out Superfund Site. The requested information could help in determining what chemicals have entered our community and has invaded our bodies.

“August 9, 2013


This is in response to your request for expedited processing in connection with your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking records regarding a superfund site.
We have reviewed your expedited processing justification and based on the information
provided, we are denying your request for expedited processing. You have not demonstrated that the lack of expedited treatment could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual. Your request will be processed as expeditiously as

For Full Reading of their response:

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  1. I have searching the internet concerning the water issues near the ruskin school my family lives very close to the school and have alot of water problems. They are having the water tested but Im not sure if they have tested for what they need to in order to discover it may or maynot have been contaiminated. I have emailed Erin Brochovich’s office and gave them the information that I have research and found concerning the Seven out Company. Idont think I have enough evidence. But so many articles lead back to this company and the waste leakage. Do you know the railroad had a box car leaking chemical in Waycross and an employee sued and won due to chemical exposure. ok where did the chemical go but into the ground. Also at the railroad they use to have a pit the cars were put into to wash out the box cars where did all the chemicals go? Also when Georgia pacific paper compnay left industrial park was everything emptied out of the slush containers. Becasue that site was always wet with water leaking after they left. I know for a fact. I developed cancer in 2007 and know of several cases that have also been assocaited with the ruskin area.

  2. I quote from the EPD Department of Public Health letter:

    “Note: DPH analyzed the cancer incidence data for Waycross, Pierce and Ware Counties, and the Southeast Public Health District and found an excess in the number of lung cancers among males in the Southeast Health District. All other findings showed significantly lower than expected rates of cancer in Waycross, Pierce and Ware Counties, and the Southeast Health District.”

    Lower than expected rates of cancer? Just what were they expecting? Everyone around here is in some way affected with cancer or knows someone who is affected. I see the cancer rate here as HIGH especially with these strange and unexplainable types that keep showing up. What is going on?

  3. Way to go Matthew!!!

    Matthew has come up with some great ideas on holding a fundraiser to help obtain the money needed for testing. The tenative date will be Labor Day weekend in Downtown Waycross. Let’s stand behind him and get this event rolling. More info will be posted ASAP.

    Does anyone else have any ideas or thoughts. If so please contact us or “JUST POST THEM HERE”.

  4. There needs to be a faster way to raise money for the testing to be done, so this issue can be solved and hopefully adverted. Some fundraising may be a more efficent route to acquire these funds for the proper testing to be done, also to spread the word to the ware county public. I did not know this was happening in Waycross until I stumbled upon a face book link, if more people knew this was happening in our own town I believe you will receive a much stronger response. I would like the chance to volunteer and hold a special fundraising event to reach that 5,394.00 testing budget. If this could be possible please email me or call me, so I could personally explain some of the ideas I have to raise this money asap. My cell number is 9122825401. Thanks

  5. Hi All,

    We have received a Public Health Activities Update from the Environmental Health Branch, Georgia Department of Public Health stating:

    During summer 2013, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), Chemical Hazards Program, received a request from District 9-2 staff to investigate the potential for exposure to hazardous constituents from the Seven Out, LLC Superfund Site in Waycross, GA. A resident reported cancer cases and other diseases among residents near the site. DPH staff has communicated with representatives from several local, state, and federal environmental and public health agencies to plan response actions to protect public health.

    Read the rest of the Actions Planned at this link:

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