Our Objectives

Soil, Water and Air Testing Needs to be Expanded.

Concerned citizens have already spent $728.00 on tests but we need everyone’s help to test further.

We cannot continue to wait on this testing. The Georgia Department of Public Health continues to lead us along, saying “WAIT UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER then we will tell you if there is a problem in Waycross”. We NEED to have comparative testing done to substantiate the State’s findings.


Our objectives are to have additional testing done. These are the additional basic tests we need now at a cost of $5,394.00.

Deep ground and service soil testing:

It costs $228.00 for each test performed. We need at least 8 more tests to be done for a total of  $1824.00 which is needed.

Blocks to be tested range from Folks St to Carswell Ave. and from Nicholls St. to Alice St.  Additional testing maybe necessary if the furthest distances show contamination.

Water testing:

Water tests cost $350.00  for each test. We need at least 2 more tests done a cost of  $750.00
City and well water needs to be tested for Semi-volatile and phenol compounds.

Air Testing:

Testing the air for volatile chemicals cost $225.00 per location. To begin we need 4 locations tested costing $900.00 plus equipment rental of $300.00 for a total of $1200.00

Testing the air for Semi-volatile chemicals costs $255.00 per location. We also need testing for Semi-volatile compounds at 4 locations costing $1020.00 plus equipment rental  $600.00 for a total of $1620.00


  • Soil Testing: $1824.00
  • Water Testing: $750.00
  • Air Testing for Volatile Chemicals: $1200.00
  • Air Testing for Semi-Volatile Chemicals: $1620.00

Grand Total NEEDED NOW:    $5,394.00


With your contribution of $5, $10, $20 or more we will be able to have the various tests performed.

100% of all funds raised from this campaign will go directly toward the various testing expenses which are required to prove our cause.