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Does your home or business have Silent Disaster Issues? Does your site suffer from radiation and you don’t know where its coming from? Our preliminary testing shows that some Waycross areas test with over 25 different types of radiation (i.e., Uranium, Radium, Cesium, Lead, Americium, Barium, etc.) and we’ve not finished obtaining all of the results yet! Is your radiation naturally occurring or is it related to leaks from Plant Hatch, Coal Ash Leachate, BOX (our own local site with radiation – possibly located on CSX property) or the Old Airbase?

Now, Silent Disaster has been interviewing scientists that can help our community by giving us professional quality independent evaluations. We are asking for your HELP to raise the funds necessary to hire a qualified scientist. We are still gathering data for this scientific review. Anyone who partners with us by obtaining an approved Silent Disaster ‘SILVER membership1‘ will be provided with access to the results, conference calls, and discussion with the scientist. Your access to all of this information can be enjoyed for a small annual donation of just $25! Yes! That’s under 7 cents per day!

Silent Disaster will analyze your data with our scientist who will be a specialist in radioactive isotopes and can determine the source, figure out if it is an on-going leak, and how much community exposure has been generated. Our scientist tells us that elements like uranium and radium can occur naturally but that nuclear plants also can produce uranium and radium. The difference between natural and man made can be determined by examining what other radioactive isotopes are traveling with the uranium and the radium. They usually call these other radioactive isotopes, ‘man – made’, The man made radioactive isotopes can be thought of as hitch-hikers. So different sources have different man-made hitch-hikers that travel with the uranium or radium. Together they create a special ‘fingerprint’ that lets the scientist identify the source or sources of our radiation.

Join us Silent Disaster Today with a $25 SILVER Subscription!

1Silent Disaster reserves the right to reject or terminate Silver Membership at any time with or without cause.