“This is My Story, This is My Life”

“This is My Story, This is My Life” seemed like an appropriate title for this page. A page with posts and comments on how this “Silent Disaster” has affected everyone:

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7 thoughts on ““This is My Story, This is My Life”

  1. Our business was approx. 15′ from the canal off Plant Ave. I was diagnosed with Lupus, fibro., chronic kidney issues, seizures requiring medication for the rest of my life, neurological issues that prevent driving as well as other menial tasks most people take for granted, etc. and other symptoms related to these illnesses. I almost died with sepsis and went into toxic shock. I have been in the hospital many times for unknown infections. I could not understand why all this was happening to me. A friend of mine was having similar problems, she lived in a contaminated location like many others who are sick or dying. After much research she suspected her problems stemmed from toxic chemicals. I took this friend to a clinic specializing in treatment for removing chemical and metal exposure. Just by chance I had a hair test for heavy metals as well during the time we were at the clinic. I was astounded that our test results were almost the same. My test results showed high levels of lead, mercury, and other chemical toxins. Needless to say we both began a detox program. I have no idea how much damage has been caused by the toxins, or how long it will take to remove them from my body, or if I will be able to remove them from my body. I am angry! I want my life back…where did these toxins found in the canal originate? That’s a good question.

  2. My husband and I chose to relocate our family to Waycross in January 2013, so we could be closer to my father and other family members. We found a house for rent on Carswell Ave, not far from Mary Street Park. Within a few months, my husband began having neurological problems, although the most common PD, ALS, CVA, & MS have been ruled out; He has numbness/weakness on his left side, chronic headaches, dizziness/lightheadedness, memory problems, stomach ailments, and has undergone several tests with no definitive answers. During an MRI/cat scan of his head & neck, a mass was detected in his thyroid area. However, after a referral to an ENT for further tests, he’s told that the ENT would rather not biopsy/test the mass, as it was only discovered by chance, and wasn’t causing him any real problems anyway. My husband is not the complaining type! But if he says something’s wrong, I believe him! Also, in addition to my husband being sick, we have 5 children – 4 of which I have taken to the Mary Street Park while the youngest stayed home and took a nap. I also took with us our 6 neices, to play at the park. While there we had seen 3 other children playing beaneth the bridge, catching tadpoles and frogs. Naturally our children joined in, and also waded in the waters of the creek running through the park.. It is only 5 months afterwards that I’m informed of “Seven Out” and the toxic sludge that is likely to be running through the Tebeau Canal.. Now I’m concerned that the seemingly harmless headaches my children have been experiencing, may be something more… Concerned for my family! Please test our neighborhoods for these toxins, and clean up all affected areas! Close the Mary Street Park until testing can be done! Post signs warning of the possible dangers, so other parents will not unknowingly expose their children to the hazards!!

  3. I was diagonised with breast cancer in 2007. I has been staying with my parents who live in the Ruskin area. I had 38 agressive chemo and 38 radiation treatments radical mastectomy of both breast. I have faced extensive reconstruction surgeries and still I am having surgeries.

  4. I emailed Jane Perry today and told her my neurological problems, where I worked for 18 years can no longer drive, work and must use a walker . Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Fl and many other neurologists can’t quite figure out my problems. They have ruled out PD, MS, ALS, Lyme Disease and other obvious problems.

  5. This comment has been listed by Admin on behalf of an elderly couple who lives adjacent to Folks Park (Mary Street Park) who does not have internet access.

    This is their concern:

    “My wife and I live on Mary St Park and we both started developing masses a couple of years ago. I had one in my lung and it was removed. My poor wife has one in her stomach and the doctors are afraid to remove it. She has very little energy and can hardly move around now. This situation is terrible and we need help to stop it before we all die.

    The house next door to me is a rental home and many of the people who moved in to it have gotten sick and the owner now has cancer. How many people have to get sick before something is done?”

    F & G

  6. I have a business in downtown that is over the canal and I walk back and forth to the Downtown Sandwich Shop to eat. About 8 or 10 years ago as I walked to the eat I stepped over the storm drain and I could hear running which was strange because it was during a drought. I bent over and the fumes almost knocked me over. It was shiny like oil. Sometimes it was flowing and other times nothing. I called the City Manager, Bucky Hayes and took him over and showed it to him; they didn’t do anything. Then I called the EPD in Brunswick. They should have a record of this.

  7. I live on Mary Street Park and have lived here 3 times in my life. The 2nd time, I was 44 years of age and lived there between 2000 and 2005. In 2004- 2005; my dog died of poisoning (just so happens it was 1 month after the city stopped accepting waste from Seven Out); I developed heavy menstrual cycles, then masses and a cyst develop on my ovaries. I moved out and stayed perfectly healthy; not even one visit to the doctor.
    At age 50 I moved back into the neighborhood, late 2011 and by mid 2012 start having respiratory problems including cough, bad headaches, ringing in ears, cold hands and feet, cold sores in mouth, fatigue, brain fog, so I google my symptoms and it said toxic poisoning. A few months later I started having neurological problems, vision problems (woke up blind in right eye), blood pressure dropping 30 points in a few minutes, rapid heart, then developed stomach problems and lost 30 pounds but was eating a tremendous amount of food, then develop masses. One in left leg (7 cm by 3 cm), one in thyroid, and another in neck. Doctor told me to move out and put me on a detox program to rid my body of toxic substances. My mass in my leg has reduced to 3 cm by 3 cm.
    With others getting sick and these toxic chemicals showing up, a logical person would think it has something to do with the neighborhood. Right?

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