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Members of our community have been developing a wide-range of health issues. People are developing tumors, they are being diagnosed with rare cancers, developing memory loss problems, liver or kidney failures, heart attacks or heart related problems, neurological problems and other complex health issues that remain unsolved. Our organization, “Silent Disaster” and been researching and conducting investigative reporting into these issues and the results so far have been startling. We are finding that the silent enemy that has invaded our community is named TOXIC WASTE!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is currently investigating the situation in Waycross but we need your help now!


100% of all funds raised for our campaign go directly toward the the direct operational costs of the effort. This includes various soil, water and air testing expenses which are required to prove our cause, Internet web hosting costs, and other direct expenses. No contribution money supports ANY administrative salary to any individual.

With your contribution of $5, $10, $20 or more we will be able to build bigger, better, stronger wings to lift all of us up as we strive towards finding the causes of this TOXIC Silent Disaster.

Together, even the most humble contributions make a huge difference for the people of Waycross, Georgia. However, if donating money just isn’t an option right now, please help us spread the word. Leave a comment in the “Comments” section of this site, Sign Our Petition, share this campaign on your favorite social network, and “Like” the Silent Disaster Group Page on Facebook.

Besides contributing, you can also help just by sharing this website site and contribution page! Friends, business contacts, POLITICAL LEADERS. Please involve anyone you can think of! The more folks who know about this problem.. the better the outcome.

Thank you for your time and support – together, we can preserve the quality of our friends and families lives forever!


Thank you in advance for your generous support of our efforts!